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Natural Hair Care and Braiding

Natural hair styles:    
.Theses styles are related to natural hair only, meaning no extension
  • Rods set,
  • Flexi-rods
  • Straws set,
  • Cornrows,
  • Individuals braids
  • Twists,
  • Bantu nuts,
  • Locs start-up,
  • Locs maintenances
  • Locs repair  and ...more
Extension styles:
we provide all styles with hair added :
Locs extensions:    
 we are locs extension specialist. We help you get the instant locs look, without going through the budding stages, get the length you want , and be able to style it the way you want.
It's means you can have permed hair and still get your locs. .
Pricing Locs extensions depends on the client's request; different figures can be emphasized:
  1. The client already have locs and wants to increase the length
  2. The customer have locs, but they are thin and would like to make them thicker
  3. The client have short hair and wants to start locs
  4. the client have an average, long hair or permed hair but want locs without going through the stages.
There is no standard price for locs extensions because of those differences.
The customer can bring his hair, we can also make it available. In the second case, we have to order a proper amount of hair fo the service.
The cost of the hair is not included to the price of the service.
The service price varie from $5 to $12 per loc, depending on the service and lenght of the loc.
According to information above, we recommand to come for a free consultation for a proper quote. Thanks for understanding. 

Sanitation & Plus



  • Shampoo
  • Regular treatments
  • Deep Therapy 
  • Hair restauration treatment
  • Trim
  • Cut... and more 

  • Afro-twist
  • Afro Nubian twist
  • cornrow-twists
  • Flat-twists 
  • Nubian twists
  • Senegaleses-twist
  • Yarn-twist
  • Softee twist



  • Regular cornrows
  • Feeding-cornrows                   
  • Individuals
  • Pixies
  • Bob
  • Box-braids
  • .Micro-braids

  • Weave
  • Half-Weave
  • Free human hair styles
  • Afro styles
  • Crochet Weave




Provides a wide range of services among which

we offer:

Free consultation for the every first time customers.

Free Counseling as a technical assistance

             - Coaching on how to keep hairs healthy and shiny 

             - How to avoid scalp and hair problems related to health

             - Hair hygiene tips to keep your hair growing


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